Emerging will be a meeting place for debate, information, dialogue and action. From theater, film, music and literature to daily social imagery and its multiple settings, we will create a space for conversation, understanding and, above all, for the acceptance of the complex and multiple identities of women.


Gender Bending Awareness in Ena Lucía Portela

Ena Lucía Portela (Havana, 1972) is one of the most promising voices in Cuban contemporary literature. Her complex, nonconformist, iconoclastic, rebellious and confident work has a theoretical and psychological density that is seldom seen within women’s literature.


José María de Cárdenas y Rodríguez’s Cuban Costumbrismo

José María de Cárdenas y Rodríguez (1812-1882) was admired as a true and solid portraitist of the world he lived in. His portraits of customs don’t go as far as ferocious irony or energetic attack, but have instead a soft tone to highlight the ridiculous and humorous aspects of Cuban colonial society.


Short on Cuban Women’s Conflicts Wins Prize at Festival of Young Filmmakers

HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 7 - La profesora de inglés, a work that addresses the problem of gender inequality and the role of women as childminders, won the award for Best Short Film at the 14th edition of the Cuban Film Institute’s Festival of Young Filmmakers.


Young Filmmakers Ratify Need of Film Law in Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Abr 7 – The Cuban Film Institute’s Festival of Young Filmmakers closed its 14th edition joining the struggle for a Film Law that protects national production.

  • A Visit to Cuba would Give Great Pleasure to Obama

    A visit to Cuba will give President Barack Obama great pleasure and especially Havana, said at a press conference in Washington the spokesman of the White House, Josh Earnest, on May 21.


    Cuban Cinema: The Star of the 16th Havana Film Festival New York

    With the showing of the film Boccaccerías Hananeras (Boccaccio in Havana), by Arturo Sotto, the 16th Havana Film Festival New York began at the Directors Guild of America Theater.


    Music Award Returns to Casa de las Américas

    Music returns to Casa de las Américas with the Seventh Composition Award. Its contributions range from the string quartet to visual and sound experimentation and its objective tries to stimulate and disseminate the most recent creations within symphonic, chamber and choral music.


    Omara: Cuba, A Documentary for Whom?

    Apropos of Omara: Cuba, a documentary film by Cuban filmmaker Lester Hamlet dedicated to the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club.


    12th Havana Biennial: “Art at its Right Place”

    Entitled “Between Ideas and Experience” the 12thHavana Biennial will be held in the capital city from May 22 through June 22, 2015.


    Ernesto Rancaño and La carta que nunca te escribí

    Recently, the Gallery Collage Habana presented artist Ernesto Rancaño’s most recent portfolio, La Carta que nunca te escribí.

    Solidarity-with-Cuba Groups Thwart Provocation of Terrorists in Panama

    HAVANA, Cuba, Apr 10 – Solidarity-with-Cuba groups of Panama City, thwarted a provocation organized by Félix Rodríguez, known for his involvement in the assassination of Che Guevara in Bolivia, who would turn up in front of a park near the Cuban Embassy, ​​supposedly to place some flowers by a bust of José Martí.

    Corsairs and Pirates Scourge Cuban Towns

    Today associated with an adventurous way of life, corsairs and pirates plagued the seas of the Americas - and especially the inhabitants of Cuba who saw their towns attacked and destroyed, losing many goods and human lives - with disquiet.

    The 2015 Young Filmmakers Showcase Bids Farewell

    La profesora de inglés, the short fiction film by Alan González, won the prize in its category.

    Apropos of the première of the film La obra del siglo, at ICAIC’s Young Filmmakers Showcase

    La obra del siglo, the most recent film by Cuban filmmaker Carlos Machado Quintela, was shown as a national première at the 14th Young Filmmakers Showcase of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC).