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The Square of Saint Francis of Assisi in Old Havana hosts some peculiar visitors. The crowd that is always present in this place now intermingles with 2-meter tall bears made of synthetic material reinforced with fiberglass. This allows the sculptures to survive exposure to the elements without losing their color and other attributes. The traveling showcase has compiled reviews, pictures and even selfies in many parts of the world. Now, they have made a stop in Cuba for the first two months of 2015.

Humberto Hernández Presented with 2015 National Cinema Prize

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 25 – Renowned Cuban producer Humberto Hernández was presented on Tuesday with the 2015 National Cinema Prize, the day when the 56th anniversary of the creation of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC) was marked.


Robert Kraft to Speak in Cuba about Musical Composition for Cinema

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 21 – 20th Century Fox’s Music president from 1996 to 2012, Robert Kraft, will speak in Havana about musical composition for cinema, during the upcoming Festival of Young Filmmakers, specialized sources reported this week.


Sean Penn against U.S. Blockade of Cuba

HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 21 –Prominent U.S. actor Sean Penn praised the gradual process of normalization of diplomatic relations between Cuba and the United States, announced in December by the presidents of the two countries.


Progress in Relations with Cuba: Objective of U.S. Congresspersons

HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 20 - Nancy Pelosi, Democratic minority leader in the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress, asserted in Havana.

  • Esterio Segura and His Occidente tropical

    Under the title Occidente tropical, Cuban artist Esterio Segura offers a selection of his first creations at Factoría Habana.


    Omara is identity, she is Cuba

    On the occasion of the first documentary feature film by young filmmaker Lester Hamlet, dedicated to Omara Portuondo, the diva of the Buena Vista Social Club.


    Rubén Darío Salazar: “A Good Literary Work Must Be Original, Creative and Authentic.”

    Researcher and scholar of Cuban children’s theater Rubén Darío Salazar told Cubanow about his experiences as juror for the recently finalized Casa de las Américas Award.


    The Caribbean: the culture of taking and bringing

    Octavio Paz used to say U.S. Hispanics had many cultural manifestations of their own, but that they were still missing literature. A Cuban researcher and professor refutesthe Mexican Nobel Prize-winner.


    Maritza Rosales: A Face, A Voice and Many Characters

    When Maritza Rosales was already a lady of acting, she decided to obtain a Bachelor’s degree in Art History, a reflection of her interest in knowledge, dedication to her profession and the risks that characterized her throughout her life


    Call for projects for first caribbean film mart

    The call for submissions for the inaugural Caribbean Film Mart, which will take place from 24-27 September 2015, is now open.

    Sanâa Alaoui: I’m in Love with Cuba

    HAVANA, Cuba, Mar 25 - Sanâa Alaoui, the French actress starring Vuelos prohibidos, the most recent production by Cuban filmmaker Rigoberto López, says she’s in love with Cuba.

    Toña la Negra, A Music Legend

    Mexican singer Toña la Negra performed several times in Cuba, where she was very popular. This was thanks to a voice gifted by nature, perfect, according to experts, despite lacking musical education.

    U.S. Senators Underline Potential of Commercial Relations with Cuba

    HAVANA, Cuba, Feb 17 – U.S. Senators Claire McCaskill (Missouri), Amy Klobuchar (Minnesota), and Mark Warner (Virginia), underlined on Tuesday morning at a press conference in Havana the potential of commercial relations between Cuba and the United States.

    Tomás Oliva: Between Omens and Mental States

    The work of Cuban sculptor and painter Tomás Oliva, who lives in Miami, United States, is highly charged conceptually where his most immediate concerns about the future of the human species are latent.