Vecinos by Enrique Colina: The Author and His Narrators in a True Story

Reflection about Vecinos (1985), a documentary by Cuban filmmaker Enrique Colina.

Loud laughs with discernment might be the quickest way to define what the documentaries of Enrique Colina provoke in the viewer. If you already saw them, let some time go by and then sit down to see his documentaries again, and this will provide an update of new episodes of which you have been a part, leading character or judge, and which reaffirms the ontological relevancy of the contents shaped by the artist. His incisive glance will again be perceived and his ingenious way of bringing into focus the problems of the common citizen, specifically during the “blissful” years of the presumed comfort derived from the economic aid received from the former Soviet Union. So any approach to his work tends to reveal his fierce glance, worked out in a humorous tone, and at the same time his visceral exposition of certain problems of socialism in Cuba.

Vecinos (1985) ...


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