Habanarte Returns with Musical Innovations

From September 8 through 18 the third edition of the Habanarte Festival will be held in the Cuban capital. This year the first international music forum Primera Linea will be included.

Under the slogan Todo el arte de una vez (All art in one go) the Habanarte Festival is returning. It is an event that on this occasion will have beginning artists as the main protagonists. This is demonstrated by young violinist William Roblejo, who received the Jojazz Award 2010 and is the author of Capitalia, the new musical theme that will mark the sound identity of Habanarte.

Other young and outstanding musicians such as Rodney Barreto, drums; Julio César González, bass; Roberto Gómez, banjo and acoustic guitar; Damián Campos, flamenco guitar and Leandro Cobas, cajón were also involved in the recording of this instrumental piece.

Without doubt, the great piece of news of Habanarte will be the celebration in Cuba of the first international music forum Primera Línea, which will be sponsored by the WOMEX circuit, a company that, since 1994, has been organizing prestigious international ...


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