La Rampa: The Final Voice of Mario Coyula

Renowned Cuban architect Mario Coyula, author of numerous works of enormous value for national patrimony, died recently in Havana. The following interview, perhaps his last statements to the press, was given by him in the midst of the distress about death.

Mario Coyula, Ph.D. in Architecture, who recently received the National Prize of Cultural Patrimony for Lifetime Achievement, passed away a few days ago. Throughout his fruitful life Coyula deliberated, through numerous articles published by the national press, about the current state of architecture in Cuba.

In late 2013 the 50th anniversary of four important milestones of national architecture was celebrated very discreetly in Cuba: Pabellón Cuba, the First Meeting of Students and Professors of Architecture in Havana, the 7th Congress of the International Union of Architects (UIA or Union Internationale des Architectes), and the artistic remodeling of La Rampa, the last stretch of the well-known and much-visited 23rd Street, in Vedado.

About the theme, Dr. Coyula offered his opinions, amid memories, longings, nostalgias and some bitterness. Coyula made this interview when he was seriously ill; perhaps it is one of the last he consented to give, in the midst ...


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