Esterio Segura and His Occidente tropical

Under the title Occidente tropical, Cuban artist Esterio Segura offers a selection of his first creations at Factoría Habana.

Under the title Occidente tropical, Cuban artist Esterio Segura offers, as of a few days ago, a selection of his first creations at the Factoría Habana art gallery.

In the exhibition one can see works highlighting religion, politics, philosophy, history, anthropology and kitsch. These are connected to a more general interest that will enable an understanding of part of Cuban culture from the 1980s and 1990s.

Segura’s work may be defined as a sort of self-portrait and register of personal events. Some pieces, including the sculptures of the film Strawberry and Chocolate, are part of the exhibition.

The exhibition itself is eclectic and elements of diverse cultural traditions converge in it. Religious imagery is the formal focus, but political and social events also appear from the Cuban context. These are referred to in one piece or another.

As was said by exhibition curator Concha Fontela, Occidente tropical “brings us ...


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