The Possible Body and the Impossible Language

About Poison (1991), Todd Haynes’ first feature film, inspired by several novels of France’s Jean Genet.

Poison (1991), the first feature film by Todd Haynes, who is unquestionably one of the most convincing craftsmen of U.S. film, was inspired by several novels of France’s Jean Genet: Our Lady of the Flowers (1944), The Miracle of the Rose (1946) and The Thief’s Journal (1949). Haynes’ attention to the strictness of his films’ visual aspect – let’s not forget he would later direct Velvet Goldmine (1998) and Far from Heaven (2002) – was already shown in this initial experiment. Nevertheless, beyond the events a writer such as Genet could narrate, one wonders how Haynes gains access to a world that has been created and perpetuated from the perspective of lyrical imagination, metaphorical overflow and beauty’s re-description - operations here strictly of language, of writing – to the refuge of an examination of sex and the body in conditions of oppression and repression.

Meanwhile, Poison’s idea as film ...


Cuba and the U.S. to Hold Talks on Migration and Fight against Drug Trafficking

Starting from Monday, the United States and Cuba will hold talks on migration and the struggle against drug trafficking, within the process of normalization of bilateral relations, informed on Thursday the State Department and confirmed a source of the Cuban Foreign Ministry.


Art Pulse: For Love of Cuban Art

Roberto Fabelo’s work has a special place in Number 23 of Art Pulse magazine. Published in Miami and specializing in fine arts, it was presented for the first time in Cuba


Jorge Luis Sánchez: “Cuba Libre is neither an Opportunistic Movie nor Made to Order”

The U.S. intervention in 1898, during the Spanish-Cuban war, works as a substratum of a story starred by two children who live this key moment in the Island’s life


Food as Inspiration for Music

We agree that food has inspired many composers in the course of history, some with works that pay tribute to dishes that have influenced their lives, others for their own enjoyment and the rest of them recalling their favorite flavors. Still others make tasty comparisons with daily things like work, the neighborhood and public transportation, but above all with love and even sex. For that reason, they season their compositions with tasty ingredients.