Meñique: the Cuban Odyssey

After six and a half years of uninterrupted work, Cuban animation director Ernesto Padrón’s major work, Meñique, the first animated feature made with 3D technique in the largest of the Antilles, premiered in Cuba

Ernesto Padrón (Cárdenas, Matanzas, 1948) spent a lifetime preparing to undertake his major work: Meñique, first animated feature made with 3D technique in the largest of the Antilles.

Since childhood, Ernesto was fanatical about superheroes and comics. In his first years of adolescence he began to delve into audiovisual production as an amateur, with his brother Juan Padrón and his cousin Jorge Pucheux. That passion would chase him like a sort of obsession until one day he succeeding in crowning the dream of becoming an animated film producer at the Animation Studios of the Cuban Film Institute (ICAIC).

How did this fact mark your becoming an animated film producer?

My brother, my cousin and I were fans of U.S. comics and also cartoon fanatics. We even made cartoons with an 8 mm Kodak camera and we made paper animations. We animated toys in a sort of stop motion, trick ...


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