Harold López-Nussa on Tour around the United States

Interview with talented young Cuban musician Harold López-Nussa

Young Harold López-Nussa is one of the most distinguished pianists on the contemporary Cuban jazz scene. It all started for him at the age of eight when he discovered the piano and he’s stuck to it ever since. Son of renowned percussionist Ruy López-Nussa and nephew of remarkable keyboardist Ernán, Harold moves with similar skill in the territories called classical piano, traditional and popular Cuban music, and jazz, a genre to which he attaches great importance. A classical pianist by training, Harold combines technical mastery with the need for experimentation by including rhythms and influences that allow understanding how this young artist takes on and feels music “sung by instruments.” On September 17, he will travel to the U.S. to do a tour with concerts that will run until October 15. He has 18 performances in some 20 U.S. and Canadian cities, about which he spoke with Cubanow.

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